This is Ava!  She is my 7 year old firecracker of a rockstar princess.  She has always had impeccable timing.  She came into this world the day after I got my arm out of a sling and after I’d told visitors at the hospital, “she’ll be here before noon,” she arrived at 11:43 am.  Punctual, people-pleasing, but fiercely independent.  She is my mini-me and yet she is so much more.  She’s the reason there are rainbows and sparkles and glitter and fireworks in the world.

This girl is way more girly, fashion-savvy,  and entertainment driven than I’ve ever been.  Her first word was “shoes”.   And she can tell you how to contour better than any Youtube tutorial.  It’s just sort of in her blood.   When she was three she asked me for a guitar for Christmas so she could “smack it like a rockstar”.  And she has now been taking guitar lessons for 4 months.  Two years ago at New Years, she asked me “is this the year I become a star?”  So far she’s only had a few auditions, but…she really, really wants to be in movies (she thinks…she got bored when she visited me on set this past summer) and play and write music.  But beyond all of her ambitions, she’s mommy’s little lady.  And I cannot wait to see what the future holds in store for her.