This is Ben! He is a spirited 9 year old who is always looking for new ways to absorb science and technology. He loves video games and movies and swimming. He also enjoys snuggling his dog and cat.

Ben’s early years were tough as he was plagued with asthma and became a magnet for viral respiratory infections throughout the first 4 years of his life. He also had trouble expressing himself which lead to a great deal of trouble for him in preschool(s). He was diagnosed with a sensory developmental delay when he was 5 and we later found out that he has non-hyperactive ADHD.

Through occupational therapy and a lot of love and tenacity, he has come to read and write and learn beyond all past projections. He comprehends at a ninth grade level in third grade and is a deeply empathetic and very functional, healthy little man. He is my inspiration. He has overcome so much and he keeps on smiling. His enthusiasm toward the world is infectious and I’m so incredibly proud of him.