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You can make excuses or you can make movies…

So…there’s this thing I did this year…I somehow started kind of acting. And how I did it, & the way it evolved and what it’s developed into kind of sounds like a movie in itself.

See…for like, nearly 2 decades I managed to talk myself out of getting involved in “Hollywood South”. I was busy. I had a demanding day job, then I had kids…I was the breadwinner and…I’m benandavasmom, I wasn’t an actress or anything like that…there was always a “valid” excuse as to why I couldn’t commit to being on a set, even though it’s something I’d wanted to do since I could talk and I’d done theatre and taken classes & workshops, even taught classes myself…but nope. I was reliable and stable…and as boring as I was bored.

Well…this past summer, some stars aligned or something because I found the courage & the time to show up for a project a long time friend was working on and…this is where it becomes pretty amazing. Despite being in a really turbulent place emotionally, having a ton of things go wrong that morning, and constantly trying to talk myself out of it, I showed up. And it was awesome. And…I met so many amazing people that day, but one in particular changed my life.

It was just after 11 am on July 4, 2017. My boots had barely touched the ground on the set of Hopeless: A Star Wars Story, when my eyes met Michael D. Anglin’s and…the world stopped. And it’s funny because we barely spoke much more than that that day but I knew in that moment that he belonged in my life…and before long we were inseparable and before I knew it, I was working on other stuff…each thing leading into the next.

And the next project I worked on was this phenomenal movie called Consequences. Consequences was written and directed by Michael D. Anglin. I was just a background girl in a bar but I met so many amazing people!! And I got to see my Mike in his element, directing and acting and kicking butt. And I met Sadie & Jason Hebert, who lead me to my next project, The Light.

And things have just been really remarkable. I’ve been blessed to work with some really cool people and I’ve done so many things I never thought I’d get the opportunity to. I’ve been honored to be picked for cameos opposite recognizable names. And I think the most amazing thing about the film industry is that you’re part of something bigger. You are now part of that movie, and no matter how tiny of a part you are, it’s kind of part of you as well.

I mean, I’m far from a superstar, but this is all really, really cool, and it all started with one choice, one little leap of faith.. Originally I thought I’d do one day on Hopeless and go back to life as usual. (For the record tho, once you’ve spent the weekend being chased across a beach by Stormtroopers, it’s a little difficult to just go back to life as usual. So freaking cool!!) I never dreamed I’d meet my soulmate or make more movies or anything like that. I was just a girl who didn’t have 4th of July plans who put aside all of the old excuses and stepped into her destiny.

So…yeah, you can make excuses or you can make movies. Either way life is going to go on. So if there’s something burning in your soul that you’ve always wanted to do, do it. Do it hard. Do it in spite of any excuse you can come up with not to.

I’m so ridiculously proud of the things I’ve done this year and in awe of the amazingly talented people I’ve met and worked with and I’m excited about what is to come. I’m ridiculously proud to have been a part of Consequences and honored to know Michael D. Anglin the way that I do. We do need some additional support to help with post production costs, so we’ve begun a t-shirt fundraiser. I urge you all to consider supporting this amazing, independent project. It’s full of wonderfully talented people and I personally can’t wait to see the finished product. As a little promo deal, anyone purchasing 2 or more shirts will receive a free digital copy of the movie as soon as it is finished and all donors will be acknowledged in the end credits.

Support Consequences by buying a shirt!

I can’t wait till the movie is finished and I’m beyond excited for what 2018 holds in store for us. No more excuses. Lots more movies. The sky is the limit and I am absolutely beyond blessed to have such an amazing partner by my side.



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